Guild of Taxidermy Conference 2015

Yet another good conference at the Guild of taxidermists annual get together. Always good to see old friends and meet the now and upcoming and keen taxidermists in the UK, this year we were graced with two legends in the world of taxidermists in the UK Derek Frampton and Peter Summers great to see them again they have been a great inspiration to me since I first started taxidermy.

Our Guests this year were Yvon

For the competitions this year I did an Golden eagle, Green Woodpecker and a Barn Owl. only one item was accepted by the judges as suitable for the competition. This was the Golden Eagle I did in a flying pose fixed to some driftwood.

The Eagle Won, it got a first place in the Bird Competition, Best of Show, Breakthrough Judges choice best of show. My protichay David Irvin took second place with a scoup in a diving pose no bird was deemed worthy of third place was awarded this year.