Peregrine Falcon Taxidermy Flying

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Peregrine Falcon – falco peregrinus Taxidermy

Peregrine Falcon in flying pose chasing Red Grouse affixed to log.

This was a challenging pose and I tried to keep the bird taxidermy mount looking as close to life as possible. Looking at the G-force a bird like the peregrine falcon would sustain pulling out of a dive I had to give my best ans calculated guess this I believe to be around 3g and at a stress of the magnitude the cule on the feathers is as close to what I can find out a accurate.

Peregrine falcon taxidermy

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Log: 8530

Length: 82cm

The Peregrine Falcon

Conservation status
Scientific classification
Class: Aves
Order: Falconiformes
Family: Falconidae
Genus: Falco
Species: F. peregrinus
Binomial name
Falco peregrinus Tunstall, 1771
17–19, see text
Global range of F. peregrinus Breeding summer visitor     Breeding resident     Winter visitor     Passage visitor
Falco atriceps Hume Falco kreyenborgi Kleinschmidt, 1929 Falco pelegrinoides madens Ripley & Watson, 1963 Rhynchodon peregrinus (Tunstall, 1771) and see text