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Guild of Taxidermy Conference 2015

Yet another good conference at the Guild of taxidermists annual get together. Always good to see old friends and meet the now and upcoming and keen taxidermists in the UK, this year we were graced with two legends in the world of taxidermists in the UK Derek Frampton and Peter Summers great to see them…

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Short-Eared Owl – Attempt

LINK: This was my inspiration for the Short-eared Owl Hi I found this great photo of a Short-eared Owl and just had to have a go at reproducing it, taking may precious caucus out started the project I did struggle to get the pose right and as you can see it came close but not close…

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Skin Stretching

Squirrel Taxidermy Book p128

This is a Beginner Taxidermy question from Jane “I bought your book ‘Beginner Taxidermy – Small Mammal‘ earlier this year and have found it absolutely invaluable. However, I have one problem which is not addressed in the book and I can find no reference to it elsewhere. I have a background in animal sculpture so…

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Displaying Bird Taxidermy on a Wall

Taxidermy display finihsed with dog

Fixing bird taxidermy cases and other wall taxidermy mounts on a wall. If you’re like me, continually changing the stock and customer taxidermy items you have on display and find having to do so you need to drill new screws holes into your wall to secure the latest case or mount you’ve created. This was…

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Guild of taxidermy conference 2014

Taxidermy white Gyrfalcon in snow flash

Hi All I attended the 2014 UK Guild of Taxidermy Conference again. It is always great to see old friends and meet new members, I like many other UK taxidermists look forward to the annual taxidermy conference meetings and Competitions. Taxidermy Lectures We were expecting the talented German Taxidermist Yvonne who was going to do…

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Squirrel Taxidermy Critique

Student Squirrel 5

Beginner Taxidermy Critique Critiquing a piece of work One of the most important ways to improve your taxidermy is via a taxidermy critique and  to be able to self-critique your own work as you are working on it is the key to improving.  This is the main basis of producing a good piece of taxidermy…

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Taxidermy Conference 2013

Hobby falcon Best of Show

The Guild of taxidermy Conference 2013 and Taxidermy Competition Held this years conference and competitions again at the hays conference centre and the UK Taxidermy Competition, This meeting had Carl Church mounting a Buzzard, Pat Morris on Taxidermy History, Steve Toher Fox Manikins, Colin Scott on Groundwork, Kim McDonald on Taxidermy Law, Mike Gadd (me) Did the…

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Taxidermy Seminar 2012

Mike Gadd Demonstrating Squirrel Taxidermy

The Guild of Taxidermists held a seminar at Sutton Bonington this is one of the the mid year meeting we have. I did a demonstration on Grey Squirrel Taxidermy to promote the new Book “Beginner Small Mammal Taxidermy ” showing the flexibility of woodwool as a manikin medium. There is now an article on the Guild…

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